Darren and Coco

We decided to go with Jeremyn after discussions with several IDs for his sincerity and earnestness. We felt comfortable with him right from the start. Jermyn did a great job on the renovation for our apartment. He was details oriented, patient and was able to accommodate our busy schedule. He even spent weekends to accompany us shopping. The workmanship was great. He made lots of suggestions throughout the process which turned out really nice. The entire renovation was completed on time and on budget. We are very happy with our apartment reno with Jermyn.
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Fareez and Liza

Jermyn did an excellent Job and I would definitely recommend him to others. He will soar above and beyond for others and will go the extra mile to attain the home you want!



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Shawn and Stella

RenoluxInterior provides excellent customer service and ensures that all our expectations are met. Jermyn is responsible, reliable and makes sure that all issues were solved even after the keys were handed over. During the renovation process, Jermyn would constantly update us on the status with pictures and videos even without our request. I remember a couple of occasions where he would be at the flat late at night to check on the job progress.

I would highly recommend RenoluxInterior due to their excellent service and workmanship. Thanks for being so patient and helpful throughout the entire renovation process. All credit goes to you.

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Jia Jun and Melody

Highly recommend Renolux Interior. Jermyn Ng did an awesome job with our place working well with our budget. There’s ain’t no job too small for them. Our place was an EC and all we needed was some carpentry, lighting and some other minor works and still Jermyn was fully dedicated. He was hardworking and very customer oriented, providing insights and designs that intertwine with our ideas, enhancing them and yet helped us create a home that feel and looks different and something unique that we call ours.



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Jermyn Ng

Design Consultant

Having graduated from Nus architecture, Jermyn always felt the inclination towards designing a dream home for homeowners instead of delving towards commerical architecture projects. His passion towards interior can be shown through his works and through the mutiple testimonial given by his clients

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