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Is it true that Renolux interior provides 3d drawings for free before paying deposit?

Yes , we at Renolux interior aims to be one of the few interior design company that Provides free 3d drawings before any deposit made. We put ourselves in the owner shoe and understand the immense pressure the home owner will have if he or she is required to pay such a huge sum of deposit without any visual clue about how their house will look like. Once the owner is comfortable with our quote and design layout , we will start producing free 3d drawings for the home owner before any deposit is collected

How do we know the quality of your workmanship

At renolux interior, instead of bringing you to a show room, we bring you to previous client houses. Workmanship in show room does not always reflect the real workmanship that the interior design company provides. Viewing previous client house is the most certain way in our opinion on assessing the true workmanship of the interior design company. Furthermore show room incur high cost and such cost usually will be transferred to customer which we try to avoid

Do your company provides renovation package?

We do not believe in renovation package as all houses should be customize to fits clients needs. For example , not all houses just needs a 20ft cabinet , which always results in the need to add more money to fit the client need , obsoleting the initial price of the package

Is it true that the designer assigned to me be a real designer instead of sales person or contractor?

Yes, we strongly believe in assigning a properly educated and trained designer to service the needs of the client. The designer assigned to you will be formally educated in the area of design . We make sure that the designer assigned to you must be able to produce his or her own 3d drawings instead on relying on an ” in-house designer” This reduce the risk of miscommunication and lost of information when passing information from the sales personnel to the designer vice versa

Do your company have warranty ?

Yes we provide a one year warranty in the house we renovate. We believe in being responsible to our clients ensuring a peace of mind for the home owner even after they have moved in. Please feel free to browse our customer statisfaction under here


How we do know the process of the house renovations

We will provide you with an extensive detail of the house renovation guide line. You can download a copy from here:


We believe in detailed planning before the start of project to minimize any delay and mis-scheduling of works .

How do we know what material are being used for my house renovation

Our quotes are very transparent. All carpentry will be made of plywood with laminate. All other material nature, brands and series will be stated very clearly in the quote


What are your billing sequences like?

We bill base on the following

a) 40% of total contract sum upon confirmation of order;
b) 40% of total contract sum upon fabrication of carpentry work
or upon completetion of 80% of the works
c) Remaining 20% of total contract sum upon completion of works.

Is there any GST?

No , we do not charge any GST. All prices stated in the quoted is net.

I heard there are hidden cost when it comes to renovation , is it true?

During renovation, the final quote presented usually will have some variation as compared to the initial quote. This will be billed under Variation Order. Variation order comes mostly from a change of idea that client mid of renovation . As of the unexpected cost arising from the site itself , we will always ensure that the designer assign to you to go down for site visit before presenting asking for your committeemen to minize such cost

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