Vr Home Tour

Using of Virtual Reality Home tour for an Immersive experience.


We live in an generation where most of our life revolve around new technology. It helps ease many aspect of our daily life and elevate the efficiency of our work .In this day and age , its almost impossible to find an accountant that uses an abacus and pencil to do their caculation, so why should you settle for an interior designers that uses only pen and papers to draw square and rectangles on your floor plan? While mannual drafting will forever have a place in design , we at Renolux interior seek to provide the clearest form of communication with the latest technology

Envision your future  home,  literally


Don’t you wish to be able to see in advance how your home will look like even before you renovate it? There are countless cases of people regretting their design choices simply because what they imagine in their heads does not sit well with the actual build. Most homeowners have great ideas of how they want their home to look lie. Homeowners research on places like Pinterest and many interior design portals overseas. These, however, don’t necessarily translate to the aesthetic homeowners are looking for. A minimalist themed living hall might not sit well with an industrial themed kitchen. While one might like both interior design theme , they might not like when they see each of them side by side.


With virtual reality, you will be able to accurately scrutinize every crook and cranny of the renovation before you build it. This gives you a chance to feedback to the designers any changes you like to have.

Minimizing any mistake


Aren’t we tired of playing charades with the designer? When a homeowner shows some design on Pinterest board to the interior designers and the designer draw some squares and rectangle on the floor plan, there is a certain chance that there is some miscommunication. We shouldn’t rely on the word ” standard ” when it comes to design. With a virtual reality home tour. any miscommunication will be identified immediately, saving the costly mistake of redoing any renovation build.On top of that, the designer will be able to clearly communicate the final design to the contractors.


Making sure your designer is not just a sales person


There are about a handful of an interior design company in Singapore out there that provides Virtual reality home tour services out there. Most of them however is drawn by in house drafters. At Renolux interior, our designers will be using the 3d software to draft and produce the VR home tour, ensuring that they knew every detail, from there general them of the house to the exact dimension of your kitchen drawers. This will truly ensure a tailor-made interior design house that you can truly call home


Making sure the design is as good as the workmanship


End of the day, the VR home tour is only a video. No matter how enticing the video is, one must make sure that the end product is up to homeowner satisfaction. We in Renolux Interior believe in being a responsible interior design company providing excellent before, during, and after-sales services. Do check out our client’s testimony here


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