Regency Suites

The Architect Loft

Date Jan 2020
Location 36 Kim Tian Rd
Value $80,000


Renovation Highlights


The clients are a pair of young and lively couple with the love for Zen Interior . The Husband being an architect himself have got a very clear vision of the house. Together we went on a journey of creating a Zen interior in the heartland of Singapore!

Zen design can be approached with the usage of earth colour coupled with minimalist furniture and fixtures, allowing for the decluttering of visual and space, enabling one’s eyes and mind to relax upon coming home. Here are a few ways how we manage to get a house in the midst of a busy city ( Tiong Bahru) to achieve and zen interior

Going for neutral colours

Colours are a reflection of light, and neutral colours are a natural colours reflected best with natural sunlight. Light brown, grey, green white are natural hues found in nature — These soft colours relaxes our mind, allowing us to rest our eyes from the exhausting day in the offices staring at bright light emitting from our computers. That said, don’t be afraid of adding a tinge of bright colours into the house. As nature has got vibrant colored fruits like a promenade, having some bright colours to the mostly neutral scheme house adds some vibrancy to the place.

Photos showing the kitchen of a zen interior

Natural Texture

Beyond the usage of colours, texture in itself is of important essence. We can introduce wooden texture to the house, further deepening the natural elements into the Zen interior.


A gentle touch.

The use of fabric softens the hard edges around the house. It gives the gentleness needed in a Zen interior themed house. As when the leave moves when the wind blows, the fabric mimics the movement, creating the perfect harmony.


Front view of zen interior bedroom

Less is more

More is not always good. As Singaporean, we are bombarded with endless entertainment, fixtures and features. The Zen interior focuses on decluttering of space. However, there is a misconception by a lot of designers, thinking that it can only be achieved through minimalism hence owners are advised not to keep too much of their old stuff.  As with the couple, they travel extensively for work and hence naturally have got more need for storage than most. Hence we declutter the house through properly designed storage space, through clean lines and the right colour palette to achieve their desire for The Zen interior Theme.

Photos showing study room interior design

Creating Luxury through simplicity

Lastly , Renolux interior being one of the top interior design company out there that focused on creating affordable luxury got to create a luxurious space. We envision a monochromatic bathroom, lighted with a soft ambience of lights to make you feel like you are in a 5 star hotel everytime you step into the shower.


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