Punggol East

Run in wardrobe

DateMarch 2018
Location Punggol East
ClientCentury 21
Interior design
company: Renolux Interior


Renovation Highlights


Originally a typical 4 room HDB in Punggol with a compartmentalised layout, the space is rigid and cramped. The couple who happens to be steward and stewardess are used to nice and beautiful rooms. They are really into fashion and hence have bought over the years an extensive wardrobe collection from all over the world.

Together with the client , we sought to transform this house into a luxurious monochromatic house with what the client proudly calls a ” RUN IN WARDROBE” by breaking down walls between master and common room .​

The consistency of the monochromatic Finishes simplified and echo-ed the intention of connectivity between the kitchen, living and bedroom. Such were the projects which accentuates luxury through simplicity

By: Jermyn Ng

Couple’s dream

April 15, 2020

What is Luxury, is it a house filled with expensive marble floor and fixtures? This steward and stewardess couple believe in achieving luxury through simplicity.

A luxurious home does not need to be flooded with expensive marbles, high end equipment and furniture that burn a deep hole in the pocket, but a carefully curated design that creates a simple yet grandeur. Working closely together Renolux interior, an Interior design company in Singapore, a married couple transformed this 4 room Bto in Punggol into their monochromatic design using black tones combined with light wooden floor. The two-bedroom spaces added a little twist to the layout of a typical 4 room flat by hacking a wall between the master bed room and the common bedroom , allowing for extremely spacious room with what the couple like to call as a “run in wardrobe” .

Walk In wardrobe interior design
Walk In wardrobe interior design

Jermyn did an excellent Job and I would definitely recommend him to others! He will soar above and beyond for others and go the extra mile to achieve the home you want!

Together with Jermyn from Renolux Interior have vision to make the bedroom feel like an hotel without spending much on it. They have travel far and wide and looking to achieve a nice house with the play of lighting , furniture and colour scheme.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is designed with a contrast between a black wooden cabinet finishing and a posh marble top ,aided with the huge mirror at the dinging hall, it gave a grandeur mix to it. The subway tiles complimented with the chimney hood and the track light gave character to the house .

A luxurious island achieved through monochromatic design



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