112 Bedok Reservoir

The Architect Loft

Date Jan 2020
Location 36 Kim Tian Rd
Value $80,000


Renovation Highlights


The clients are a pair of a young and lively couple with the love for retro Scandinavian style. Together we envision a cosy house that is infused with retro elements while modernising with a colourful lively Scandinavian look.

The 50s through to the 70s are the golden years of retro design. It is the years where our familiar dragon’s bowls in all our parents flourish. Its the generation of vibrant colours, a generation of rebellion against the modesty in design. For retro Scandinavian , its foundation is built on natural materials such as teak and Pine. The retro part then comesin with the  of different shades of pastel, together with natural colours such as blue and green.

Image showing vntage retro scandinavian bowl

Creating a retro Scandinavian art piece of your own

What can be more romantic than having your husband creating art pieces for the wife in their own love nest? Together with the husband , we picked small hexagonal tiles piece by piece to create the perfect balcony mosiac  balcony design. Something they will rememeber each and every time they step into their house.


retro scandinavian interior
retro scandinavian dinning hall

Luxury through simplicity.

For the kitchen we chose to use marble tiles as its backsplash, creating a grandeur backdrop. Being a minimalist by nature, the couple also chose to have only bottom kitchen cabinet on side of the kitchen. Similarly for the toilet, simple homogenous tiles were used without any carpentry built.

Photos showing a HDB resale house

Customer satisfaction

Together we make their dream of a retro scadinavian theme a reality. The clients were very happy with the end result, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at their testimony here

retro scandinavian Hdb resale testimony photos


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