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Qanvast featured interview on how Renolux Interior charges homeowner

Renolux interior prides itself as being one of the most transparent interior design company in Singapore. We Provide VR home tour for the customer for free before starting on the renovation work to give the homeowner peace of mind before committing their future home to us. Continue reading to see Interview by Qanvast on our designer Jermyn Ng in regards to ID charges in home renovation.


Jermyn from Renolux Interior

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Interior Firm: Renolux Interior

What’s the quotation process usually like?

Usually, designers will come up with a cost estimate based on the floor plan and renovation requirements. In Renolux’s case, we’ll also conduct a site recce before providing a more finalised quote, and that’s because a floor plan can only show so much as compared to the actual house.

After that, if there are any changes to the renovation plans, they will be billed under what we call a variation order, which takes into account any addition, omission or alterations to the original project scope.

Also, for Renolux, we don’t collect the deposit right after the contract has been signed. We’ll only do so after HDB has given permission for renovation works to start, which is more reassuring for our clients.

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Interior Firm: Renolux Interior

Some homeowners are uncomfortable with working with interior designers because they perceive their service as pricier. What do you have to say about that?

In a way, if you were to hire an interior designer, it may not be more expensive than working with a direct supplier or contractors, because you’ll be getting professional services in return, namely project management and technical expertise.

Also, renovating on your own may take more time because it takes technical expertise to understand and coordinate the entire process. For example, which comes first, the carpentry or flooring? The false ceiling or electrical works? It can be difficult to tell without the right experience.

In addition to that, you can think of interior designers as mediators. With us, you only need a single point of contact, instead of needing to coordinate with multiple contractors. This way, everyone’s time is saved, and you get a smooth renovation experience.

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Interior Firm: Renolux Interior

What are your thoughts on renovation packages, are they worth it?

For Renolux, we don’t do packages. While they do give you an idea of how things are being charged, what you get may not be a good fit for your home.

For us, we prefer to work based on a clear measurement or design as shown in a 3D model, which we’ll provide even before giving a quote. Let’s say we’re building a wardrobe and the details or dimensions change along the way, we’ll draw up a new 3D model to give you a clear idea of what you’re paying for.

Is there a reason why some interior firms charge a design fee for their creative work, while others don’t?

I can’t speak for others, but for myself, I don’t believe in charging a design fee for 3D drawings or renders because of the difficulty of quantifying the value of such work. Instead, I see them as a way to facilitate the renovation process and even clarify any budget/work issues – which brings value for homeowners, contractors and myself.

For homeowners, they’ll know what they are paying for because these drawings give context to prices and quotes for different items. As for myself, they make it easier to iron out any potential misunderstandings between Renolux and my clients. And finally, for the contractors, they’ll get a clearer picture to base their work on.

To sum up…

A producer studio workspace
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Interior Firm: Renolux Interior

Through these interviews, we realised that renovation firms in Singapore have different ways of quoting their prices and charging homeowners.

To find an interior design firm that offers a payment schedule and/or quotation that you’re comfortable with, we recommend meeting more firms – and that’s where we can help.

Submit a request for interior designer recommendations, and we’ll help you find one that suits your budget, style, needs, and more!