5 things you wish you knew before Renovating your house Number 4 is a must read


Five things you wish you knew before designing


I am sure you have heard from your friends and family that they regret individual decisions in their renovation. End of the day, we are fickle minded creatures. However, if we knew certain things before our house design, we can avoid some of the common mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes Singaporean made while renovating their houses


Overbudgeting for renovation


Many couples set aside a certain sum for their new house. Still, not all of them consider that renovation is just a part of the cost without considering other expenses like appliances and furniture. If one day, while shopping for a sofa, you see one that is sleek and comfortable, but you realize you do not have the budget for it, so you have to settle for another.


Trying to go for too many builds in carpentry

The first and second point goes hand in hand. As a first time homeowner, you will feel very excited with your home design and can’t wait to execute all the carpentry ideas that you see online. As such, you get your ID to build carpentry in every corner of open space. Too many carpentries might sometime do more harm than good, making the house appear smaller and having less flexibility of space in the future. Say for babies’ room, I will always advise clients not to build a wardrobe, and other fixtures for the place first as babies need changes fast. Get some off the shelves furniture that is fun and vibrant, and as the needs of the child change, you can change up the furniture along the way, saving cost and creating a more flexible space.


An open concept island facing the living hall
Open concept Island

Choosing to overlay over worn-out tiles


Overlaying worn out tiles is a common mistake that many make. While overlaying tiles instead of hacking them save a bit of cost, the long-term ramification is that when the old tiles start popping, the new tiles will crack along the way. One alternative to laying new tiles over old tiles is to lay vinyl flooring instead. Vinyl uses a click and lock system, so if the old tiles stat popping, one can remove the vinyl, repair the affected tiles part, and replace the vinyl flooring.


A luxurious condo master toilet

Not having 3d drawings before renovation

We are no longer living in the 1950s, where renovation planning is base on some squares and circles on a floor plan. Even veterans in the spatial planning scene use 3d modeling to work and improve their design. Having a render of your design before the actual renovation will give you better sensing of the place and allow you to identify the changes you will like to have. At Renolux interior we provide 3d drawing before confirmation, allowing our clients to have an idea of what they are paying for before committing tens of thousands and their house to our hands. Check out our VR drawings here


Skimping on quality

Yes, yes, we know we mention the first 2 points on not spending too much.  However, when you need to spend, you should. Try not to go for the cheapest quote, not until you see the testimonies of the company. You can always take a look at our testimony here.


When it comes to the type of material, you would want to think of the long-term effect too. Between solid surface and quartz, if you are someone who often cooks and has the habit of putting your pot and pans on the tabletop without any mat for protection, having quartz probably will be a better idea. And of course, do check out the brand of quartz as some unknown brand can cost barely halve the market rate and with such think wisely before choosing one that is far too cheap.



With such, we end of this article, tell us in the comment session below what other mistakes you wish you have avoided during your renovation process.