“Jermyn did a great job on the renovation for our apartment.   The workmanship was great. He made lots of suggestions throughout the process which turned out really nice. The entire renovation was completed on time and on budget. We are very happy with our apartment reno with Jermyn.”

A testimony photo for a bto house in punggol

“Jermyn did an excellent Job and I would definitely recommend him to others. He will soar above and beyond for others and will go the extra mile to attain the home you want!”

“Jermyn was fully dedicated. He was hardworking and very customer oriented, providing insights and designs that intertwine with our ideas, enhancing them and yet helped us create a home that feel and looks different and something unique that we call ours.”

Your preferred choice

Graduate Designers

Renolux interior prides itself as one of the few interior design companies with architecture graduates. Our designers went through formal education, equipping ourselves with knowledge, experience and skills. The ID that is assigned to you is equipped with skills to design and produce 3D drawings. This reduces the inefficiency and minimises the risk of information being lost when a sales person passes your requirements to an in-house designer.

Free 3d drawings

We provide free 3d drawings/rendering BEFORE any deposit is collected. We understand the concerns clients may have in placing a large sum as deposit with just a quote and a layout plan. We are one of the first interior design companies in Singapore that provides drawings to clients once the client is comfortable with our proposal and are considering to use us.

Immaculate Workmanship

Renolux prides itself in having high standards when it comes to workmanship. We will bring clients to the houses we have renovated before to showcase our workmanship. Our designer will be onsite frequently to ensure a high standard of work is being carried out. We provide after-care service for our clients’ ease of mind.


  • Meet & Discuss
  • Site Visit and 3d Drawings
  • Deposit and . . . . Shopping!
  • Build & Install

In our first meeting, we will ask for your design preference, layout and requirements. This will facilitate us in coming up with a preliminary design based on your needs. We will follow up with a layout plan and quote for you to have a better idea about the pricing and the design.

After you have viewed our prelimary design and feel comfortable in exploring our interior design company service, we will arrange for a site visit to get the accurate dimension of your place. We will look further into the design aspects from the preliminary design. After which our designer will produce free 3 d drawings for you even before any deposit is being made

A deposit is only required a week before the start of renovation. By this time , you would have viewed our design layout, 3d drawings and renovation quote . After which, we will bring you to source for the necessary items for renovation such as bathroom accessories and electrical appliances.  Simultaneously, we will start choosing your Carpentry laminates and tiles. We do not place any limits on the number of times the 3d drawings can be revised but do have mercy on our designer that is working through the night :p .

Once we are done with the shopping, it will mark the start of your renovation Journey! Our designer will hand you a copy of the renovation project management guideline to keep you informed of our schedule. We will liaise very closely with you as well as our contractors to ensure that your dream home is well delivered!


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